LC: January & February Adventures in Review

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

San Francisco, CA, USA
First post of the year! And it's not literature-related!
It feels a bit indulgent to be recapping two uncharacteristically fun months as we brace ourselves for an indefinite period of social isolation. Earlier in the year, I wanted to focus my time on faith, family, and my flex PTO (yes, she still loves a good alliteration). I'm so grateful I was lucky enough to make meaningful use of all three, and I wanted to document a bit of it as a personal reminder to always pursue fullness and adventure in my life. Better yet, I've done it primarily in photos to spare you all my sentimental prattling.

Bay Area adventuring with friends from Taiwan and the UK!
Two particularly photogenic fixtures in the bay area: Palace of Fine Arts and Stanford Memorial Chapel.
Lessons gleaned from a Trader Joe's picnic on the beach: (1) hummus is actually extraordinary and I don't know why I used to dislike it, (2) pressed celery juicy is a scam, (3) if sand gets in your dip, just pretend it's seasoning and carry on.

Literally the best time of the year because MY SISTER WAS HOME. Her winter holiday ended up a few weeks longer than expected because of COVID-related postponements, but we adore having our girl around. 
I really, truly don't deserve JC, who brought home an entire suitcase of treats and stationery from her recent trips to South Korea and Japan. Among the treasure trove: official paraphernalia from President Tsai's (successful!) 2020 presidential campaign, another Taiwan-themed water bottle, probably every single flavor of Kit Kat to grace East Asia, a lifetime supply of swordfish floss from my Kaohsiung Amma. 
Stickers were immediately put to good use by someone much cuter and worthier than me. 

We also did a short trip to Texas for more children to squeeze! Our cousins are half a generation older than us, so JC and I were probably the first babies they held as teenagers. It is so surreal to now be cuddling their kids. 
Our attempts to eat cleanly post-Super Bowl Southern hospitality were thwarted pretty much immediately by the prospect of dessert. And then again by tacos. And once more by pre-flight Whattaburger. Maybe we shouldn't move to Texas (though we desperately want to! See babies above for Exhibit A of our reasons why!). 

Back in California, an *unreal* little tour and tasting at a private winery. A friend of a friend produces and stores small-batch California wine in a cave they had literally carved into the hillside of their estate. I don't know how else to describe the absurdity and grandeur of the situation, but I'm now much more inclined to accept the next suspicious invitation that comes my way.
Hamilton with JC! A few days later, we shipped her back to Taiwan, laden with N95 respirator masks. Please don't talk to me about her departure, as it's still a very tender topic for me. (Kidding, but we do miss her terribly and are glad that she seems much safer there than here.)

Birthday dinner for the best mum in the entire world of mums!

Not pictured: the few Lunar New Year banquets that weren't cancelled, a smorgasboard of miscellaneous babies to cuddle (after 20+ years of really not liking children, the tables have turned!), a successful Mission Peak hike.

It's so surreal to be posting this six weeks deep into being sheltered-in-place, but I'm thankful to have entered this period of scarcity and anxiety feeling so abundantly loved and cared for.


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