The Catalogue: No. 34

Sunday, August 4, 2019

I love reading juicy things and Money Diaries by Refinery29 are some of my favorite reads. The idea is that you get a peek into the life of someone and how much they spend per week and on what. There's people making over $200,000, but also people making $17 an hour. The people talk about what subscriptions they have (e.g., Netflix, Blue Apron, Spotify) or what their parents help them with (e.g., rent or groceries) and it's all so interesting. Money and spending can be such a taboo topic, but these definitely provide insight into other people's lives. There are joint income stories and college student stories. I love them all.

There's shocking ones like the spending of a woman in LA making $0. Like did she really just pay a company $24 to do her laundry when she could save a lot of money by going to a laundromat or when she talks about her call with her lawyer because "a random meth addict wandering around the Hills managed to break into my house".

There's 'wholesome' ones like a banking analyst in NY who ends up moving to London to work at a hedge fund. I love that she writes about her spending and life both when she was in New York and then gives readers an update now that she's in London. I appreciate how genuine she is in her Money Diaries and she just seems like someone I could have known in my life.

Some also submit their own money diary about how they don't make much, but are able to do nice, fun things thanks to their parents. It's also crazy reading about how she has a friend with a CHEF! I am both envious and judgmental (for lack of a better word).

It's always fun to get a little sneak peek into other people's lives. As long as it's not causing you to feel bad, it's pretty interesting to see what other people do with their money. Most people's lives are nowhere near as glamorous as you may think. I personally enjoy the crazy ones, but I also like to read the ones of people living in New York making a similar amount to me and just seeing what they choose to spend their money on vs. what I choose to spend my money on (food, Pret, Starbucks, shopping, etc.).


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