The Catalogue: No. 28

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Recently I got a NY Times subscription in an effort to lead a life as a more well-rounded individual (but let's be honest, I just wanted to read more Modern Love columns). I first encountered this column in college, because they do a "College Essay Contest" that someone at my college had been a finalist for. After that, I couldn't stop reading them. Each story is unique - some are sad, some are happy, some are moving, some try and teach the reader lessons, but all the ones I've ever read have been good.

Here's a sample of some of my favorite Modern Love essays:

White Shirt, Black Name Tag, Big Secret

  • "It was weird to see him not wearing his white shirt, tie and black name tag, but it was just as weird for me not to be wearing mine."
  • "I was using what trainers call "approximations," rewarding the small steps toward learning a whole new behavior. You can't expect a baboon to learn to flip on command in one session, just as you can't expect an American husband to begin regularly picking up his dirty socks by praising him once for picking up a single sock."
Honey, I Swept the Floor!
  • "Why do so many husbands feel the need to boast about completing simple household chores? With mine, it’s all about branding."

Putting Love to the Stress Test
  • "When two self-described tech geeks slide into a relationship that seems too easy, they design a month long trial to expose its flaws."

Someone also created an amazing website to see all of the Modern Love columns together using the NY Times API.

Happy reading,

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