Fitness Friday: No. 2

Friday, April 26, 2019

(CL Editor's Note: This was written in late March. I've actually already finished my half-marathon and will publish a post about that soon.☺)

My half marathon is in 2 weeks, so I wanted to write about how I started running and how I trained for this. No joke, I couldn't even run a mile a year ago. The last time I had truly run was back in middle school when I did track and field and even then, I was doing like long jump or something! In high school because I swam and played water polo, I was in a ~ special ~ PE class where we had a class period to practice the sport we were in and therefore, I never ran. I did run one mile once though for some required national physical exam and I remember it being very painful (a wow am I tasting blood and wow why are my ears ringing painful).

After I started my full-time job in late May and joined my first project in mid-June, I noticed that for some reason, consultants loved running. It's probably because when you're travelling or in a hotel that just has a couple free weights and some treadmills and ellipticals, you learn to run. It also so happened that on that team, more than 3 people were marathoners! I was feeling inspired by them and by Leona's completion of C25K (a great app - Couch to 5K) and decided I'd pick up running.

Not going to lie.. C25K starts you off pretty "easy" and even that was painful for me. You walk for 5 minutes and then run for 5 and then walk more and run more, etc. I could barely run for 5 minutes but it got easier as time passed. Also not going to lie, sometimes I cheated and would walk a little more or skip some of the days, but I did complete the C25K program and ran The Color Run for fun to celebrate my ability to run 3 miles. Honestly quite a feat considering that when I started C25K, I did doubt if I'd ever be able to run more than 15 minutes.

Now, I run around 10 miles a week. Usually I will do one long run (3 - 6 miles) on the weekend and a couple short runs (1-3 miles) on the week days. I have run 7 miles once or twice and ran 12 miles once in the last couple months, so I do think I'll be able to finish a half-marathon of 13.1 miles! Apparently, if you can run half the distance then you can definitely finish the half-marathon. On my off days from running, I cross-train by taking a class at my gym, lifting, doing stairmaster, or using the elliptical. The elliptical is one of my favorites because it's good for cardio, but no/low impact on the body. I've learned that my legs and body probably weren't made for running as my knees and ankles will usually hurt so the elliptical is great on my days off. I try and use the Nike Run Club app that has a half-marathon training program, but definitely don't follow it strictly.

The secret to running is running gear, mainly running shoes. Shout out to Jinny for educating me on socks, shoes, compression, etc. when I first started really wanting to run more. It really was a game changer for my ankles and legs to get running shoes. The next secret is running outdoors! For me, it's way easier to run outdoors than indoors as running on the treadmill is super hot and boring. I can easily run 2+ miles outside, but if I'm on the treadmill, running even 1 or 2 miles can be super challenging.

Looking back now, I have had some bad timing as I was in London and took time off from training and will be going to St. Charles, Illinois for a week-long work training the week before this half-marathon. Regardless, I'm super excited (and scared) to run the Shape NYC Women's Half-Marathon on April 14th. I'll write another fitness update when I've finished it, but feel free to reach out and ask about running! 

Happy running,

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