The Catalogue: No. 26

Monday, March 11, 2019

I am a firm believer in balling on a budget. While I love cheap (and free) things, I also love some guilty pleasure luxury brands/items. Mixing my love for finding discounts and nice things brings me great pleasure, so I want to share with you how I do it!

Sample Sales
If you're ever in NYC or LA, you should look up 260 Sample Sales! If you're not, you should still Google around and see if there are any good samples sales near where you live. I've gotten some amazing Alice + Olivia items that I would never have bought otherwise. Currently there's a Chloe Sample Sale where bags are 50% off and there's tons of shoes and clothes! NYC is a great place to be if you want to look at luxury items. There's also brick and mortar locations of Rebag (luxury consignment store) in New York and California.

Luxury Consignment Websites
I love shopping online, so websites like TheRealReal, Poshmark, Gilt, Rebag, Tradesy, etc. are all my guilty pleasure. Also did you know that Costco also sells designer handbags online? You'll have to have a Costco membership to view the prices, but it's a pretty good place to look too for a discount.

You can also sell your items back to these websites to make some money and they'll tell you an estimated price for how much you're going to get for it. I've bought clutches and jeans from luxury consignment stores and they're always pretty worth it! I've only ever returned one item and it was a really simple process other than losing some money due to the lack of free return shipping. I'd really suggest using the online websites listed above vs. eBay or Facebook's Marketplace as there is no one checking the authenticity of the items on the latter websites.

Thrift Stores / Luxury Thrift Stores
If you have the time, stop by thrift stores to try and score a good deal! With Marie Kondo's Tidying Up, a lot of thrift stores (especially in richer neighborhoods) now have so many great items to shop for. I also like to stop at stores like A Second Chance or Michael's, which are designer resale stores around NYC that provide a great selection of designer handbags and other accessories. Pro-tip, call first if you have something in mind you're looking for! You can also look at their online selection and then go in store.

Happy shopping,
P.S. Sorry for the delayed blog post. I wrote an awesome post on cliché quotes I live by that got deleted (@Blogger, can you create an autosave?) and then couldn't bring myself to want to write for a while.

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