The Catalogue: No. 24

Sunday, January 27, 2019

This Catalogue is dedicated to all the boys I have ever bought presents for. Whether it was my best friend's birthday or Valentine's Day or Christmas or Father's Day, I have had to buy gifts for guys who either didn't tell me what they wanted or didn't know what they wanted. To be honest, I think I've done a pretty good job over the years with my gift giving abilities!

Meal / Gift Card / Venmo Payment | $
This seems silly, but sometimes it's nice to give a friend $10 to buy some McDonald's or coffee or a drink. Based on what your friend likes, the gift can still seem relatively personal. Maybe treat them to their next Chipotle lunch or Taco Bell drunchie snack!

Socks | $
This gift might seem weird, but socks are something people won't go out of their way to purchase for themselves but frequently need. I love buying people socks, not just boys!

Gift Box | $ - $$
Prep a box of amazing, individualized goodies! Some items ~inspiration~ that you can include are chocolate bars, candy, soap, chapstick, coffee, etc. Put a limit on how much you want to spend (e.g. $15) and then buy a bunch of different items until you hit that amount! This is an easy way to personalize a gift when you only have time to stop by a CVS or Target. Still super thoughtful if you know the person well enough to know what they like and super easy because most people love gum and candy bars.

Tie Clip | $-$$
Many guys don't realize they need one, until they're wearing their suit and tie for the first time in forever. This is an easy gift as you can buy cheaper ones from Amazon or engraved ones from a nicer store! Many department stores like Macy's also sell them.

Massage | $$-$$$
Until you get a massage, you don't know how much tension your body has been holding and how life changing a massage can be. Find a place through Yelp or Groupon is another place with a ton of massage discounts.

Ray-Bans | $$-$$$
Most people I know all need a pair of classic sunglasses. I loved giving Ray-Ban Clubmasters to one of my best friends, because I know he appreciated my gift and is putting the sunglasses to good use every time he wears them. Even though they're a little pricier, you can sometimes get them on sale for around $70-80 which is not a bad price to split with 3-4 other people!

Some other ideas are: cologne, a backpack, a phone case, boxers, baking mixes, meat thermometers (or other cooking tools)!

Happy gift giving,

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