The Catalogue: No. 22

Monday, December 31, 2018

I love free things and deals. Some of my friends know how crazy I am about referrals to get "free" money and my love for Groupon.

I just wanted to spend this week's catalogue sharing my favorite ways I save money.

1. Ebates.Com
I use Ebates as a Chrome add-on to get me extra cash back on basically all my online purchases ever. They also collect the discounts/promos codes that an online retailer has and automatically applies them when you click on their add-on when checking out. I love how easy it is to use Ebates; a pop-up will show up in the right hand corner whenever you enter a website where you could be getting cash back and all you have to do is click "Activate x% Cash Back". They can mail you a "Big Fat Check" or you can have the money directly deposit into your Paypal account. I shop a lot and have had Ebates for a while, but I've gotten over $100 back! Here's my referral link if you want to save some money on future purchases. ;)

2. Groupon
All my friends know I love Groupon. I'm constantly on the hunt for better deals for massages or restaurants or ice cream or other things I don't necessarily need, but can better justify to myself if it's on a discount. I love using Groupon for anything from getting cheaper food (e.g. Bareburger) or for my armpit waxes (sorry, is this TMI?). You can also use it for experiences like buses to an outlet or buses to apple picking, etc. I've also used it before to do Hot Yoga with LC though I don't think we made the complete use of our Groupon, haha.

3. Cash Back
Whether it's through Chase (or your credit card), Yelp, Groupon+, Uber, or whatever accounts you have, there are so many ways to get 5% or even 10% cash back from random purchases and restaurants. For example, did you know that "Chase Offers" provides you with 30% cash back right now on Panera orders or 10% cash back at Pret? There's also 10% cash back at Dunkin' right now and loads of other options. I love randomly getting Uber credit when I make a purchase somewhere (e.g. Pottery Barn).

Stay saving,

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