The Catalogue: No. 20

Sunday, December 16, 2018

I've never been into online games or video games (other than Neopets and Gaia Online), but I do love board games. I enjoy the competitive nature of games, but also the cooperative nature of games too. Depending on what you and your friends are in the mood for, there'll always be a game to suit that mood.

Here are some of my personal favorite board games you should get for a fun "board games night" with friends. These are simple ways to keep guests occupied while being able to chat, eat cheese, and drink wine!

1. Settlers of Catan
A cult classic board game. Do I even need to describe this game? If it's your first time playing, you may have a hard time 'winning' and the game may seem rather complex, but it's truly easier than you think and soon you'll understand the strategies to winning. BONUS: Buy Seafarers or Cities & Knights if you already have the base game and want something different. 

2. Exploding Kittens
There's no way I can describe the game better than the actual creators, so here's a video explaining the game. I love how simple it is to learn and how everyone can play the game. My youngest brother loves getting my siblings and me to play this with him! Each round is also pretty fast (maybe 10-15 minutes) which can be nice when you want to play something shorter.

3. Cards Against Humanity
This game is rated R!!! I would never play this with a kid or anyone even in high school. But for those in college or already working, this is a super funny party game. It also teaches you a lot about the humor styles of the people you play with as it is a fill-in-the-blank Mad Libs-esque card game. Each player gets cards with offensive, risqué or politically incorrect phrases and fills in the blank of a different card. The "host" then gets to choose whichever card he/she liked the most out of all the cards each player got to put down. Simple and fun! 

5. Codenames
Codenames is an easy game of guessing which words in a set are related based off of hints. There are two teams of players, and each team gets to give one word clues that can point to multiple words on the board to help their other team members select the correct words. I really enjoy playing this game with people I know well to see if we're on the same brain ~wavelengths~. Frequently, we're not but this game is still super fun and usually every round counts which makes it more intense and competitive.

6. One Night Ultimate Werewolf
If you like Mafia, you'll LOVE this game. This is one of my favorite games to play with larger groups, because it's so intense and usually results in some friendly yelling and accusations. Everyone gets a different role from Villager to Werewolf to Seer and more. The players try to determine who among them is a werewolf, but there are characters who are trying to help the Werewolf and there are other characters whose main purpose is to get themselves killed instead of the Werewolf. Unlike Mafia, no "story-teller" or moderator is needed because there's an app that helps narrate. The game is just "one night" aka one round and lasts around 10-15 minutes. This is definitely one of my favorite games I've played in the last year!

Overall, just Google key words like "cooperative" or "short" that you like to find board games / card games that fit what you're interested in.

Happy playing,

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