The Catalogue: No. 18

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Ever since I moved to NY, I’ve been trying to cook for myself more. I am actually a creature of habit and don’t mind eating the same thing every single day AKA I frequently go to Pret, make myself sandwiches (with the help of my amazing toaster oven) and fried eggs or other easy foods.

However, I am trying to expand my cooking skills so here are some of my favorite food bloggers and Instagram foodies.

I am obsessed with Nom Life. I first followed them on Instagram before they had revived their blog, and now actively look at their Instagram posts/stories and their blog. Ewa + Jeromy are a super cute couple cooking and eating their way through NYC. They have a ton of Asian recipes on their blog and their recipes make cooking so much simpler. From authentic recipes like Taiwanese Minced Pork Rice to simpler recipes like Stir Fry Egg & Shrimp to dessert recipes like Chocolate Espresso cookies, Ewa and Jeromy have created a perfect blog with all the recipes you could hope for. They have the cutest Halloween costumes and “how we met” story. They also seem to eat the best Asian food, while also being able to find the cheapest Asian food in NYC. They are always eating dumplings or other carbs (like noodles) and they seem to have the exact same food taste as me. I love watching their Instagram stories to figure out where they go to eat, learn how to make more Asian food from them, and obsess over how cute their relationship is.

I stumbled upon her cooking blog when I was looking for a simple recipe for Tomato and Egg Stir Fry - a very easy Asian dish that maybe people eat over noodles or rice. While I am not Chinese, I love to eat Chinese food and a lot of Taiwanese dishes are similar to Chinese ones. She is great about discussing more complicated dishes like Snow Skin Mooncakes with Custard Filling, but also has great recipes on stable dishes (tea eggs) and informative posts on staple ingredients (light vs. dark soy sauce, chili oil, etc.) I can’t wait to try her recipes since she makes cooking complex dishes much more simple!

LC introduced me to her on Instagram a while back and it’s easy to see why we both love following her. Mandy Lee is constantly blowing us away with her perfect photos on her Instagram and perfect recipes on her blog. She teaches home cookers how to make perfect chicken, perfect burgers and more. I am not going to lie.. I have never made a single dish from her blog because they all seem way too advanced for me. But a girl can dream that one day she can make food as gorgeous and as delicious as Lady and Pups’ food looks. (Even her "quick meals" look like they took hours to make.) I truly don’t know how to describe Lady and Pups without using the words “perfect” so you’ll have to check out her Instagram and blog for yourself. She also wrote a cookbook that I can’t wait to purchase when it comes out (October 2019?)!

This foodie family are in their words a “a culinary genealogy”. Their food blog features a family of 4 living in both China and the US and cooking everything under the sun. Bill and Judy are the parents of Sarah and Kaitlin and they all take turns posting different recipes! They also have how to’s (like how to season and care for a wok) and travel posts (like eating your way through Mexico City). I love that they don’t limit themselves to just making Asian food (though they certainly do a great job of covering all the bases from authentic Sichuan Bang Bang Chicken to 10-Minute Stir Fry Sa Cha Chicken). They have one pot recipes, Korean recipes, pasta recipes, and more! I love all their “easy recipes,” but can’t wait to one day be a good enough chef that I can make their more complicated dishes.

Eat well,

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