Why the Away Suitcase is (Unfortunately) Overrated

Monday, October 15, 2018

Image Source: Away
Part of me feels horrible writing this post as a bunch of my favorite people in the world got me the Away Bigger Carry-On as a present last December. The other part of me feels the need to tell everyone in the world to save their money and not get this suitcase.

Here's what I like about the Away suitcase:
The CUSTOMER SERVICE is amazing. 10/10 would totally recommend that other companies follow in Away's footsteps. Every interaction I've had with their customer service left me feeling like an extremely valued customer. They also have an amazing 100 Day "No Questions Asked" Return policy!

The nice, little LAUNDRY BAG they include is pretty convenient. I enjoy being able to throw my dirty laundry into a separate bag that's already included in the suitcase.

Here are things that are "ok" about the Away suitcase:
The BATTERY PACK is nice, but in this day and age it seems like everyone who needs a battery pack usually already carries one around. It's good for emergencies, but otherwise the battery pack is way too heavy and I don't like to carry it around in my purse or in my bags when it's not in my suitcase.

The suitcase also includes a THREE DIGIT LOCK, but this feature seems pretty standard nowadays.

It also comes with a nice soft LUGGAGE TAG, but alas... it was a weak luggage tag and somehow mine broke and is now lost somewhere in an airport or in some baggage cart or in a plane.

But here are the things that make the suitcase 100% not worth it to me:
The WHEELS of this suitcase are so weak and the bane of my consulting existence. If you're going over a slight bump, you better be ready to tug the hell out of the suitcase. The wheels seem like they were made for the indoors (e.g. airports) and not for "rough" terrain like NYC sidewalks. While it's great that the wheels are 360 wheels, what's the point when I have to roughly drag the suitcase everywhere I go. The suitcase also just feels incredibly heavy to use if you have a ton of clothes in it. Is it the center of gravity offset by the handle? Is it that the handle is weak too? Is it the weak wheels that make dragging this suitcase anywhere a pain? This still remains a ~painful~ mystery to me.

I started off with a Navy Away suitcase, which I exchanged for the Black one. Why? Well, at first glance the Navy was nice, but after I took that Away on vacation it became super ugly. The color is not that flattering and the EXTERIOR/SHELL gets scratched and ruined so easily. Away claims you can "Mr. Clean Magic Eraser" the marks away or just use some soap and a damp cloth, but NOPE the marks are all still there. My Black Away suitcase looks like I've abused it a lot, when it's just been checked into airports a couple times and stuck in car trunks a couple times with other suitcases.

Overall, it's not a horrible suitcase especially at such a decent price point but I can't get over how horrible the wheels and the shell are. The Away just seems overrated and I wouldn't recommend it to someone who wants to jet set around the world, it's better for someone who is inside airports only.

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