The Catalogue: No. 14

Monday, August 20, 2018

Part of my duties on my current consulting project team is to do the "snack run" every week. Frequently, I buy them from Whole Foods so I thought this week I'd write about my favorite Whole Foods snacks.

1. Aurora Naturals Dark Chocolate Covered Pretzels
Mmmm, just thinking about these has me salivating. I love the mix of chocolate with another food item that cuts the sweetness. While Aurora Naturals also offers a Milk Chocolate version, I think the Dark Chocolate one is a little less sweet and feels more "healthy". The box is pretty big, but I could definitely finish it in a day or two if I had less impulse control.

2. 365 Cape Cod Trail Mix

My current project team is super healthy. They love Lara Bars, RX Bars, Cliff Bars, unsalted almonds, and rarely ever snack or eat junk food. I'm not super into healthy eating since I usually find that most healthy snacks don't taste good, but I love the Cape Cod Trail Mix. This trail mix consists of roasted almonds, roasted and salted cashews, and dried sweet cranberries. I love that Whole Foods has a giant bag of the trail mix, but also a bag that comes with 10 single serving mini bags so I don't eat an unnecessarily large amount in one sitting.

3. Dang Sticky-Rice Chips - Coconut Crunch

I am addicted to these. The original ones are a little meh, but the coconut flavored ones are perfect. The Amazon product description reads, "Do you like crispy bottom-of-the-pan rice? If so, you'll love Dang Sticky-Rice Chips. These crunchy snack crisps are made with a base of steamed Organic sticky-rice soaked in watermelon juice then crisped up with a touch of seasoning. They have 30-40% less fat than regular potato chips." These are definitely my ~healthy~ chip/snack go-to (and tbh until I was writing this post, I had no idea that they were soaked in watermelon juice so if that part of the description turns you off then don't worry.)

4. 365 Veggie Chips

"A seasoned blend of potato, tomato, and spinach" with "30% less fat than regular potato chips". Another healthier alternative to chips, if you're like me and obsessed with Hot Cheetos and Cool Ranch Doritos and Cheetos Puffs and Lays Barbecue Chips and all other types of chips.. These are surprisingly better than any Veggie Straws I've ever had and 28 chips are only 130 calories!!

Please let me know if you have other snack recommendations. I'm always looking to impress my team (and my tummy!)

Eat with love,

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