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Monday, August 13, 2018

I am the fakest Print Journalism Ride or Die ™ ever, because while I adore print magazines, newspapers, books, etc. I’m also cheap as hell and refuse to pay for any sort of subscription service that does not come with a free tote bag. I also love books more than anyone I know, but I will be damned if I am caught paying full retail price for one. But I do champion the ethos of traditional journalism the way only a millennial born in its fading days does: with imagined nostalgia, idealized longing, pretentiousness. I like poetry in my politics, politics in my poetry. I want everything to sound good and reveal something.

So imagine my dismay when someone tried to suggest that the future of journalism was in listicles and gifs! I like memes as much as the next 20-something, but not when I’m trying to figure out who the fuck to vote for. Below, my weekly editorial scan routine, otherwise known as stuff online that I like to read.

If you don’t have idle time to browse like I do, READ MY CATALOGUES! In which I round up my favorite short reads of the week! (CL does something a little different, but definitely read hers too! I always do!)

MORNING COFFEE READS (5-10 minutes to spare)
Refinery29 - I really like their Money Diaries series, almost as much as I like complaining about them with my co-workers (in a sort of affectionate, “fuck this bitch who makes 4x my salary” way) .

New York Magazine's The Cut - Refinery29’s older, urban sister. I like their Sex Diaries series. I also make it a point to peek into their Books section every once in a while to feed my bloated “To Read” list on Goodreads.

Wall Street Journal - Included only because I dragged myself through (undergraduate) business school and need something WASP-y and douchey to show for it. I make myself read (ahem, skim) 2-3 articles a day while sipping a work-issued La Croix. I don’t ever enjoy it. I’m probably better for it, though. It also puts more relevant journalists on my radar (useful for my job!). I read New York Times for the same reason.

Hyphen Magazine - Sort of my obligatory scan to stay aware of what’s happening and who’s-who  in Asian America. I wish it had a love child with The Baffler (see below). I would devour that.

Asian American Writers' Workshop - If nothing else, then at least for the monthly roundups of Asian American writers and works. I don’t actually read this very often -- maybe once or twice a month.

LUNCH BREAK/COMMUTE READS (15-20 minutes to spare)
The Baffler - Left-leaning political criticism, cultural analysis, quirky-brilliant short stories, poems, and art. This is where the cynical, smart kids from college who sold hand-cut zines go as adults. In short, super fucking interesting. I also learn a lot of big words reading The Baffler.

n+1 Magazine - A gathering of bright writers who were always encouraged to take themselves and their ideas seriously -- not as literary gatekeepers, but as preservers of the craft. Who wrote as if their lives, but not necessarily livelihoods, depended upon it. Really curious, witty, vivid work. This one makes me want to write more.

The New Yorker - Okay, this I actually have a subscription for, but only until the cheap trial period is over. (Yes! I got it for the free tote!) My favorite source of book reviews and humour (I am not a funny person, so I particularly appreciate when others are.) Disappointingly, I don’t always like the poetry they feature. But nobody asked me, so.

Anybody who knows me well knows I have a secret longing to be a rich housewife (or “household manager”) who takes crafting and brunching very, very seriously. Or a Small Business Owner with Financial Safety Net aka Husband ™ -- those women really figured life out. Until then, those who can’t, read about it.

A Fabulous Fete - Once in a while, I really think I could make it as a calligrapher, except I only have slightly nice handwriting and refuse to invest in formal training when there are lovely folks on YouTube and Skillshare who offer all of the expertise, none of the constructive feedback I generally dread. Everything she does is beautiful.

The House That Lars Built - It literally does not get whiter than this, and I love it. Whimsical illustrations, bright colors, nifty DIYs that cost four times as much as BIOA (Buy It On Amazon).


Read! Read! Read! 

With great love,

Comment your favorite sources of short reads below! Please! 

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