Tips on How to Become Yelp Elite

Friday, July 20, 2018

Every time my foodie friends hear that I'm Yelp Elite, the onslaught of questions come. How did you do it?" "How many reviews have you written?" "Does it matter if I add pictures to my reviews?"

I am by no means an expert, but I have passed on some pretty decent advice to friends (they've subsequently become Yelp Elite, but could be "correlation, not causation"). Take all this advice with a grain of salt as it's all from personal experience and what I've heard other Yelp Elites say.

1. Make sure you have your profile filled out. It's especially important to have an actual photo of yourself, this is something in the "Yelp Elite Squad Terms of Membership" along with being 21. All Yelp Elite accounts are are "required to use a real name as well as post a real (and clear) photo of your face on your profile page."

2. Write reviews and tips, but don't forget to leave photos. I like to check-in on the Yelp app when I visit a new restaurant so that I don't forget to write a review later on. While Yelp prefers longer, more thought-out reviews, you can always just write a couple of sentences about the overall ambiance of the restaurant, your favorite dishes on the menu, and the service. Not all of my reviews are equal and they don't have to be. You also don't need to only write reviews

3. Have at least 40 - 60 reviews. This is really city dependent, but have at least 40 reviews before you apply for Yelp Elite. If you have around 30 reviews but have 150+ pictures, you're probably fine.

4. "Tell Yelp why you deserve to be Elite." Be thoughtful here. Don't write something like "I want free food" or "I like food". Everyone in the world loves food, especially free food. Talk about how you want to share your passion for food with others or that you like to educate people on what to expect before they enter restaurants.

Wishing you some good food and a full belly,

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