The Catalogue: No. 10

Sunday, July 8, 2018

I never went through a "Youtube" phase, but here are some of my favorite Youtube videos that inspire me to be a better woman (more loving, more patient, more happy, etc.)

"The message of this video is pretty obvious: take care of [your face] but also take care of everything behind it as well." 
- Anna Akana
Anna Akana's "How to Put On Your Face" video is one of her most popular videos and seems pretty straightforward at first. It seems as if she is going to show everyone how she does her makeup, but instead she creates a short film. While Anna does put on makeup throughout the video, she does so without instructions on the makeup but offers inspiration instead. Whether she was talking about "aligning, shaping, and filling in" her thoughts or self-confidence, I couldn't help but feel the tiniest bit more empowered. “Does what you do out here [your face] match what you what you feel in here [your heart]? Because I believe that confidence and how you carry yourself is going to affect more of your relationships than anything else."
"You can't do it alone. As you navigate through the rest of your life, be open to collaboration. Other people and other people's ideas are often better than your own."
- Amy Poehler
I have always loved Amy Poehler, and hearing her give life advice while making jokes about Harvard is incredibly fun. She admits that she "learns from us," learns from the people who are college grads. She tries to get us to understand that collaboration is the reason why we're all wherever we are today. Whether it's our parents, our friends, our religion, something or someone has helped us get to where we are by believing in us or inspiring us. "When you feel scared, hold someone's hand and look into their eyes. And when you feel brave, do the same thing. You are all here because you are smart. And you are brave. And if you add kindness and the ability to change a tire, you almost make up the perfect person."
"I suggest that real equality, full equality, does not just mean valuing women on male terms. It means creating a much wider range of equally respected choices for women and for men."
- Anne-Marie Slaughter
Anne-Marie asks, "Can we 'have it all'?" and discusses the idea of valuing the work of care as much as we value paid work. Caregiving should matter in our culture, but that means changing our workplaces and our policies. She gives the audience examples of countries in Europe that are doing it better than we are in the US and I love the happy note that Anne-Marie ends her TedX on, "I grew up in a society where my mother put out small vases of cigarettes for dinner parties, where blacks and whites used separate bathrooms, and where everybody claimed to be heterosexual. Today, not so much. The revolution for human equality can happen. It is happening. It will happen. How far and how fast is up to us."

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