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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Photo by David Lee

"Little" Black Dress
Everyone knows how important LBD's are for your fun, going-out closet, but they are also important for work. I bought a simple black dress from Ann Taylor and it's my go-to dress for evening work events. It's easy to layer with a blazer if you want to seem more professional. I also love wearing it jacket-less and wearing a statement necklace to give my outfit a pop of color. Regular retail stores aren't the only place you can check for work attire. I actually have a great business casual black dress from Target that I've even worn to first round interviews or networking events. I love to check out the "factory" or the outlet versions of places like Banana Republic or J. Crew to find deals on these dresses (and work clothes in general). You can also make a beeline for their clearance/sale section whether you're online shopping or shopping in person. (If you're shopping online, just make sure you have gone into the stores to figure out your sizing first. Every store I've gotten work clothes at have given me different sizes.)

→ S H O P  I T  H E R E  A T   A N N   T A Y L O R
→ S H O P  I T  H E R E   A T  J C R E W  F A C T O R Y
→ S H O P  I T  H E R E  A T  M A C Y ' S
→ S H O P  I T  H E R E  A T E X P R E S S
→ S H O P  I T  H ER E  A T  B A N A N A   R E P U B L I C 

Comfortable Heels
LC mentioned in the other The Career Girl's Toolkit post that comfortable emergency flats are great, but so are comfortable heels. If you have a long work event, it's nice to wear your most comfy heels. Otherwise, go right ahead and rock those cute heels when you're mostly sitting at your desk and only walking to lunch. Corso Como is a great brand for an investment piece. You can try a pair of CC heels on at Nordstrom to find your size. Then shop online to find a pair on sale through Zappos, 6PM, or just Google around.

→ S H O P  I T  H E R E

Work Bag
A good work bag can fit your emergency flats, has extra pockets inside, and should be able to fit your Kindle or work laptop. Longchamp's are a favorite of many, but I've never liked the look of them. Instead, the Madewell Transport Bags are an amazing alternative. There are some with extra shoulder straps, there are some that zip, and some have varied handle drop lengths. If you want a bag you can personalize, the Cuyana Class Leather tote is monogrammable. I love their brand because they even have tote accessories (tote organization inserts, lipstick cases, leather laptop sleeves, and more).

→ S H O P  C U Y A N A S   L E A T H E R  T O T E S
→ S H O P  M A D E W E L L' S  T R A N S P O R T  B A G S 
→ S H O P  T H E  E V E R L A N E  D A Y  M A R K E T  T O T E

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