The Catalogue: No. 8

Saturday, June 23, 2018

I'm into fitness and by that, I mean I love cute workout clothes and shoes! I actually find it pretty motivating to follow fitness influencers on social media and use their "at home" Youtube workouts when I need to do a workout after a long weekend of eating out.

Here are my favorite Asian fitness influencers:

Emi Wong

Emi is from Hong Kong and one of my favorites! Her "at home" workouts are fun and if you get bored easily from doing the same exercises, she really varies her workouts. Her and her boyfriend Chad are pretty amusing on Instagram and she loves to post her healthy lunches and dinners, but also posts her "weekend cheat meals" which helps me find her a bit more relatable. My favorite videos of her are her 15 minute ab workout video and her no equipment "at home" workouts since these are easy to do wherever you are. Every time I'm home in California, I put her videos onto the Apple TV and make my sister, Winnie, work out with me. Do we complete every part of her workouts? No. But do we have fun? Yes. If you want to see all her workout videos, click here! Also check out her Instagram to see her cute dog and her daily meals.

Cassie Ho 

Cassie Ho actually went to my high school (James Logan High School)! While she had long graduated by the time I got there, I still feel like that gives us a certain bond. If you really need the extra push when doing workouts, Cassie Ho is extremely bubbly and will kick your ass with a smile on her face. She has over 550 workouts on her Youtube channel ranging from helping us with our obliques to one hour long POP pilates videos. One of her most popular videos is something she posted over 7 years ago and teaches beginners how to do pilates! Her videos often include links to PDF Workout Calendars which are super easy to print and use. Her website is super easy to navigate and includes all her printables and workouts.

Joanna Soh

Joanna is probably the most popular Fitness and Wellness Youtuber in Asia! I love how she has great blogs on her website ranging from Beginner's Guide to Gym Machines to 8 Week Clean Eating PDFs. Everything you could possibly want if you're just starting out or if you've already been hitting the gym for a while now is either on her Youtube, her website, or her Instagram! One of my favorite videos of hers is the Beginner Low Impact Workout for People 50+, she does the video with her mom and it's something I can't wait to do with my mom (in 29 years when she turns 50 since obviously she's 21 right now). Her life mission is “To love and value herself – and to help others do the same” and what's better than a fitness influencer that wants to help you be healthier from the inside out.


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