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Friday, June 1, 2018

EDIT: Movie Pass has gone through some changes within the last year and I can no longer recommend it. However, LC has the AMC A-List which she loves and my boyfriend just got it. I'll probably be getting it soon and will write an updated post on how I like it! 

I have had the MoviePass (Unlimited) for around 4 months now. I purchased it for $89.99 through Costco and so far have watched 7 movies (which in Chicago means ~$13 x 7 = $89). I’ve already made my Movie Pass worth it and I still have 8 more months!

These are the movies I've watched so far minus Deadpool 2 which isn't showing up for some reason.

There are currently two MoviePass card options:
In my opinion, both options are great, and here’s why: Most people tell me that they don’t go to movie theaters to watch movies, but honestly this is probably because it’s been ingrained in us that spending $12.95 (or more) at a movie theater is unnecessary when we can just watch it online at home. But were it not for the high cost, most people would probably go all the time! It’s a great date activity, friend activity, I’m bored and want to take a nap somewhere AC-ed activity.

Pricing plans as of June 2018.
I have the unlimited because when I bought the package, there was no 3 Movies per Month package. (Even if there was, I still would have bought unlimited.)

MoviePass doesn't let you watch 3D movies
 and you can only watch each movie once.
So how does MoviePass work? 

With Unlimited, you get to watch one movie every day aka every 24 hours. If you watch a movie Friday evening, you wouldn’t be able to watch one Saturday morning. You can also only watch a movie one time through the MoviePass. Once you’ve watched Avengers with your friends, you can’t go with your boyfriend (who may have asked you a couple times to watch it with him) unless you’re willing to pay the normal price. On the app, you can see which theaters accept the Movie Pass and which t movies are eligible . 3D and Premium movies are excluded, so you can only use your Movie Pass for normal 2D ones but honestly nobody likes 3D movies anyway.

Scroll down on their website and enter your ZIP code if you want to find out which movie theaters near you accept MoviePass.

How do you use it?

You check in on the app once you’re within 100 yards of the theater. This doesn’t mean that you can pick your seat or anything, this just means you are now allowed to buy the ticket and you must do so within 30 minutes. You choose the movie you want to watch and the time, but don't worry it's not binding and you can cancel if you change your mind/if you get to the theater and notice the movie is sold out. When you get to AMC or whatever theater, you click “Buy Ticket” and then swipe your Movie Pass card. It’s similar to a debit card that has “money” or a movie loaded onto it after you check into the app.

So what are some pros and cons?

Pro: You can now watch movies every weekend and it’s nice to watch popular movies like Black Panther or Avengers on the big screen. It’s a great gift for parents (let’s be real, your parents are probably ‘empty nesting’ now that you’re in college or working and are very bored) and a great couples present (I love watching movies with my boyfriend even though it means he has to sit through Coco with me).

Pro: If you ask me to invite you, you can get your first month free.

Con: You technically need to get to the theater pretty early if you want a good seat for a popular movie, especially at theaters that let you pre-pick seats online. BUT something you can do is go to the movie theater early and get your ticket for a later showing to get good seats. Alfred and I do this often.

Con: Popular movies are sold out during opening weekends, meaning you might be a week or two behind everyone else and can’t watch it with your friends opening night without shelling out your own money.

BONUS: Pro-tip, I use the Atom app (or the movie theater's website) to check how many seats are left and where the seats left are located before going to the theater since MoviePass doesn't give you the ability to view those options.
Invite me to watch a movie with you! ☺


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