Mother's Day Gift Guide

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

"Mother's day is hard when your mom deserves an island and you can afford a candle."
Fortunately, our moms don't want islands because of the upkeep and maintenance and probable property taxes. But we can also do a little better than candles, am I right ladies?

1. Muji's Aroma Diffusers | from $69.50
Who doesn't love a chic, calming aroma diffuser? This is easily customized for your mom when you purchase the essential oil scents, which range from Sweet Hug to Grapefruit to Rosemary, and many more. The aroma diffusers are a great addition to your mom's bedroom or the living room. It's something she'll love, and every time she turns it on, she'll think of you! Also, if you want a cheaper alternative, Muji's Interior Fragrance Sets are still cute without breaking the bank at $9 for the Portable Sets or $28 for the Fruity Set.

2. GLDN Toujours Pendant Necklace | from $39
Growing up, the ultimate dream was to be able to buy my mom classy (read: expensive) jewelry. This GLDN pendant is exactly the type of necklace I'd love to gift her, but at a price that I can more comfortably afford in my early twenties (and have leftover for brunch).
3. Gourmia Soup Maker | from $129.98 
I know there’s an obvious warning against buying mothers kitchen appliances as gifts, but my mom really wanted this one, and I knew I’d be privy to leftover soup, so I was more than happy to oblige. Basically, with this soup maker, a Costco-sized bag of frozen veggies and another of sourdough croutons, she can make fresh, creamy “whatever vegetable medley” soups every morning. Allegedly also makes Chinese-style porridge and soymilk. And smoothies, but we are Asian and don’t drink cold liquids.

4. Statement Earrings | from $9.99
I bought something similar for my mom "just because" a couple weeks ago, and now my favorite thing is to see her wearing them when we Facetime cause she just looks so damn cute. Plus, it's a nice conversation starter when she's wearing something new and flashy in the office and her coworkers notice.

5. J. Crew Perfect Raincoat | from $120
Our moms were at every swim meet, every band competition, basically every outdoor event that is zero fun for the spectators. Get her a nice raincoat to say thank you so she doesn't have to wear the gross school-issued parka you left in the trunk. Linking the petite version (though the jacket does come in regular sizing) because my mom is teeny tiny. Will include a note promising not to borrow it for the first six weeks so she can enjoy it properly.

6. DIY Soap | from $20
If your mom still has the macaroni projects you made in 4th grade or the mother’s day cup you made for her in 7th grade, DIY Soap is a great present. There are so many different ways to customize this and many of the things needed can be bought at the Dollar Store. Your mom will love how thrifty you were and how great the soap smells and looks. This great list consists of soap recipes from Milk & Honey to Lavendar Oatmeal, which is my personal favorite. Make some extra soap so she can show off and gift it to her friends. “Look my son/daughter made these for me, but you can have this one since he/she made so many!”

7. S'well Traveler | from $30
My family is obsessed with containers. My mom has a daily lineup of a thermos for her coffee, one for her goji tea, one for her vegetable soup (see above), one for water, and sometimes one for oatmeal. She also has a specific criteria (stainless steel, including the lid interior, a wide mouth for thorough cleaning, NASA-grade insulation, etc.) so when she finds one she likes, it’s basically the most elite of its kind. I got her the the Calacatta Gold 16 oz. Traveler last Christmas, and I think it was my greatest act of filial obedience thus far.

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