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Sunday, April 29, 2018

Our Vision

THE OFFICIAL CL (pronounced seal) is the hybrid of two passion projects:

(1) documenting the experiences and thoughts of ambitious, career-driven (but happiness-oriented) twenty-somethings, and
(2) creating a platform that contributes to the diversity of representation for and dialogue among Asian Americans, particularly women.
Its founders wanted to construct a space for people who “had their lives together,” but were also in constant pursuit of self-improvement and service to others. And so, THE OFFICIAL CL is just one answer to an important question:
what does it look like for Asian American women to cultivate lives of joy and purpose?

About CL

C was born in Taiwan and immigrated to California at the age of 5.  She attended the University of Chicago and was a Psychology major after realizing she wasn’t as good at math as she thought she was. She is passionate about people (psych major? friendships? consumers?), napping, and food. You can find her eating her way through the Bay Area, Chicago, and New York on her foodgram @hungrycarol.

About LC

Hitched a full ride and followed C to the Midwest. Double-majored in econometrics and double-minored in liberal arts at Washington University in St. Louis because she is a hopeless putterer with a diversified portfolio of passions. Legitimized writer here, erstwhile at Medium, at TaiwaneseAmerican.org, and of Book of Cord (Tinfish Press 2017). Total mama's girl. 

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